10 classic and quirky styles from Bollywood!

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Every girl grows up admiring the dazzling looks of Bollywood divas. We are all bedazzled by the beauty of their carefully stitched outfits, adorned by elegant jewelry and complemented by matching accessories.

Here are a few of them from old and modern times that are so classic that they have never been or will never go out of trend.

Mumtaz’s frilled sari

The designer must be high on ideas, who designed this awesome outfit that is loved for ages now. Even Piggy Chops flaunt her fashion sense in this beautifully hemmed sari.


Sadhna’s epic white churidar

This elegant churidar has won millions of hearts, especially when the goddess of ethnicity, wore this on-screen and took everyone’s breath away. A very simple yet very graceful attire. Stitched so beautifully that this design never went out of vogue.


Dimple’s polka-dotted uniform

Who can forget the very famous polka-dotted shirt paired with a stylish blue skirt that became the talk of the town in B-town? We are even sure that nobody missed spotting Prachi Desai’s charm in this outfit in the movie, ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’.


A sari that added grace to Madhuri’s glamour

Another one in the row is the very pretty, nice sari, embroidered nicely, tucked with a heavily embroidered blouse. This was one look, symbolizing all verses of woman’s charisma.


Rani’s bubbly look

The sparkling Patiala was loved by everyone so much, that the glam industry had a wave of ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ fashion suits. The vivacious, broad collar top and jhola, for a sidekick, defines it all.


Kareena’s fashion statement

This all-time favorite Kareena look got so popular that the sight of this buoyant dress was no surprise for years. It was comfy and held a bold charm to it.


The Indian goddess of beauty

We saved the best for the last. And, here’s what Aishwarya recently wore for the Loreal Paris Femina Women’s Awards. And she looked just elegant.


So, which style would you like to pick to churn out the eternal diva in you?