5 Fashion Trends that made a Comeback..!!

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The 90s have not seen a fashionista let alone having bold fashion statements. Millennials have grown up wearing clothes of their parents’ choice, so the option of being experimental with clothing is rare. So fashion really did die in that era. But some fashion trends are so significant and nostalgic that you let them back into your wardrobe. So yes, the 90s are slowly making a comeback in the fashion industry.


This trip down the fashion lane is surely going to make you miss some of these classics!

1. Leather jackets never die

They can burn a hole in your pocket, but they surely are the chicest piece of clothing you can ever own. The possibilities of styling one leather jacket are filled with possibilities. It goes great with more or less anything and everything- even a sari! That’s why this style statement has been there eternities and it is indeed here to stay forever!


2. Dungarees

It can be a short one or a long one; Dungarees if mixed and matched with the right pieces of clothing, you are sure to make heads turn.  They are also making their entry in the fashion runaways in Paris. In a recent picture, Bella Hadid was seen sporting a denim dress and they look sexier than ever!  It did fade into the fashion lane for a while, but they are indeed back with a bang!


3. Mommy Jeans

Comfort? Yes. Chic? Yes. In? Definitely, yes! The revival of mommy jeans is possibly one of the best things in the fashion world today! Thanks to the pop sensations of the early 2000s, this comfortable piece of clothing went missing from almost all wardrobes. It has partially been brought in by Jennifer Aniston and Julia Robert recently and since then, there was no looking back for the fashionistas.  This pair of airy, comfy, denim pants is exactly what we need.


4. Round glasses

Lenon had started the trending and eternal style of wearing round glasses and it has been quite a hippie touch to all sorts of clothing. It was dismissed on the grounds of being too goofy and nerdy. This radical comeback of the round glasses is sure to get you into the 90s groove. Fashion police approve of this!


5. Chokers

These neck hugging Chokers were made viral by Kendall, Kylie, and Gigi Hadid on Instagram. If you do not like the typical black chokers, you can go for an embellished one or a beaded one, velvet, lace- you are spoilt for choices! What’s more, you can pair them up with almost anything you can think of!