5 Top Tattoo Artists in Kolkata

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Tattooing is an art that walks around within the planet with someone for as long as they live.

Creating a tattoo also poses many of the identical questions that creating a bit of art or an exhibition does. People like better to get tattoos for several reasons. Some get a tattoo on a whim simply because they think it’s nice, some get one to commemorate something important to them, and a couple of to pay relevance to a lost beloved or as a tribute to their inspiration. Tattoo art is tremendously growing in India. There are some foremost, and optimum tattoo artists present here. Let’s explore the talent from Kolkata.


1. Tuhina Dutta

Tuhina Dutta is that the first female tattoo artist in Kolkata. She set foot in this business when she was in 2nd year. She said that it had been something she wanted to find out because there’s no female tattoo artist in Kolkata. She mentioned, ‘When I start with a tattoo, there are tons of things happening in my mind regarding the way to customize the planning consistent with the necessity of the client and make it look good as a tattoo also and the way to form the client feel comfortable while I’m performing on him or her.’


2. Rajdeep Pal

Rajdeep Pal who is popularly mentioned as Rajdeep Ink Pal owns the foremost famous tattoo studio in Kolkata, 3 Cube Tattoos. He has studied MBA from IBS Kolkata. He practices computer-aided software to gauge the tattoo on the skin for selecting well.


3. Niloy Das

Niloy Das is that the best-known tattoo artist within the town. He has an interest in art and music since childhood but he chooses tattooing as his career. Niloy begins tattooing in 2010 part-time, keeping music as his first profession. In September 2012. He gets highlighted by the German tattoo machinery giant ‘Cheyenne’ and work in their row at conventions worldwide.


4. Debanjali Das

Debanjali Das is an emerging tattoo artist of India. She is taken into account because of the best female tattoo artist in Kolkata. In an interview, she said that tattoo, just happened accidentally to urge obviate the frustration from the company world. She collaborates with Lizards Ink’s team and soaks up most of her skills there. Today, Debanjali possesses her own Studio called the Guiding Monks.


5. Abhinandan Basu

Abhinandan Basu or ‘OBI’ as his Tattooing signature is named, is one amongst the three Indian artists who have been featured in ‘The World Atlas Of Tattoo’, He had arrived his most momentous milestone in 2015 when Obi was featured alongside 99 other tattoo artists from around the world in ‘THE WORLD ATLAS OF TATTOO’ published by university PRESS and authored by noted tattoo historian ANNA FELICITY FRIEDMAN, which featured the absolute best 100 tattoo artists from different parts of the planet. Celebrities like ‘Kangana Ranaut ‘and ‘Sonu Nigam’ in his client list.