90’s Fashion, We Are All Guilty of Loving!

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The ’90s born in India have a lot to boast about in their boat. This is because 90’s kids have seen a millennium. Grew up in old traditions to step up and welcome the new ones, saw a countrywide digital transformation. From 1rs Pepsi to Bacardi rum, sweet cigarettes to e-cigarettes, Nokia to Gionee, life took a 360 degrees turn.


Secondly, you can take an Indian out of cinema but not cinema out of an Indian. We follow films, songs, fashion trends, what the actors wear so closely that what trends in the cinema becomes a trend in our lives too. And just like our lives, Bollywood fashion too was quite simple and shiny in the ’90s. From ‘Tere Naam’ haircut to Shah Rukh Khan’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai dungarees, here’s bringing to you the styles that we all are guilty of loving and following. Sorry, Shaktiman!

1. High Neck T-shirts

Bollywood had some fascination for snow-clad mountains on foreign lands. This is why you will notice the majority of romantic songs are filmed either in Switzerland or equivalent places. With the heroine running around in a crape saree and the hero in a high neck t-shirt under a coat. (Don’t ask about the bias, though!) However, we picked our fashion from these melodious songs. Here’s the proof-


2. Corset Belts and Frocks

Corsets for us (desis) is a princess dress for teens. Corset belts on frocks or off-shoulder dresses ran in the trend for a long time.


3. Bell Bottom Jeans

Love for bell-bottoms needs no explanation. Bell bottom jeans or pants were worn by actors and actresses for a long time. Even longer than the 90s. To say the least, it never really went out of vogue.


4. KKHH Style Dungarees

Keeping sanskar along with fashion becomes a bit of a task for Indian fashionistas. So when dungarees came in style with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’s Anjali, desi parents heaved a sigh of relief.


5. Multicolored Men’s Ganjee

Can’t even explain what style this is!


6. Netted T-shirts

Greek God of B-town sure evolved with time as far as fashion goes. But we bet, who would not regret wearing this for a shot?


7. High Waist Denim and Belt

From Urmila to Karishma, B-town actresses honed the high waist pants with crop tops style quite good. Although a bit bizarre, we are guilty of loving this fashion trend.