A Drink From Our Granny’s Kitchen!

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Popularly known as Aam Pora Shorbot in Bengal, this Roasted Raw Mango fresher is a memory bonded drink from our grandmother’s kitchen. In the scorching summer afternoon, a typical burnt scent of mangoes or the taste of roasting the spices were enough to let us suppose what would be waiting for us. Later came those flower imprinted glass, with those green-colored flavor and ice cubes were fancy then, every household couldn’t afford refrigerators that time so the big earthen pot in the kitchen shelves was the never-ending source of chilled water supply all through our childhood days.


It was believed that roasting of Raw Mangoes would decrease the heat of the fruits, and consuming a drink made of fruits will reduce the body temperature during summer. The heat of the fruits will go or stay didn’t matter to us, it was the smoky scent of mango pulp which was so strong that we always used to request our grandmother to make this cooler every other day. It was one of the numerous activities we used to do during the summer vacation. Her spinning eyes and scoldings wouldn’t help definitely, and we ended up getting our favorite summer drink in comfort. The mango tree in the backyard was on our side and never disappointed us with its rewards.