A Refreshment to be Shared!

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The conversation is all about this frightful summer. Beyond this frightful summer, two things came up with their best qualities, the first one is Pudina (mint) and the second one is lemon. Mint is particularly a good source of vitamin A, which is a fat-soluble vitamin that is critical for eye, health, and night vision. And it is also a potent source of antioxidants, especially when compared to other herbs and spices.


It’s a simple processed street Pudina Lemon juice which the city loves a lot. The fusion of Pudina, black salt, lemon, ice, and water, made it greenish with a great taste. At first the ‘Nimbu Pani Waale Bhaiya’ put some salt into the glass, put some ice, squeeze the lemon and then fuse it with the pudina water mixture and now finally your Pudina Nimbu Pani is ready. They are very sure of putting plenty of ice into the glass. Once people get the taste of this refreshing drink, they are sure to come back for more.

Near the markets, besides the road, you can find the stalls at any random place putting so many lemons on the glasses, by which they look so attractive and from which people can examine from very far. The preparation takes a maximum of 2 minutes and the people selling it are so expert in doing it that their hand moves so beautifully with a great taste.


Kolkatans appreciates this fusion of Nimbu Pani and Pudina in a different way, after a long strolling, tiring sunny day what about consuming this power booster. Can something be more refreshing than this..?