A Solution to a Distracted Mind!

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A mix of a great legacy, as well as a sense of bliss, is offered by Maheshwari.

A part of one’s spiritual self will always search for a place that can help them achieve a state of total calmness. The Varanasi of Central India called Maheshwar is located alongside the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh, it is a place that pacifies one’s distracted mind as well as has sights that’ll satisfy the travel-hungry soul.


The town is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has quite an interesting history attached to it. It is well known for its temples and Maheshwari Sari and Fabrics. Ahaliyabai Holker, the Maratha Queen revived the town and made it her capital – she built a palace, fort, several temples, and established a textile industry. The main attractions of the town are the Ahilyabai Fort and palace, the Lingarchan Puja at the Fort can also be attended to experience something new and unique. A place that has a beautiful river calls for a stroll along the ghats, the time seems to stop as the sun takes a dip into the river leaving the pink sky. The boat rides to Baneshwar temple especially during sunset are equivalent to a “chef’s kiss”.


Travelers can either hire a ride or take a bus from Indore to reach Maheshwar. Mahashivratri is the biggest festival that is celebrated at Maheshwari and is held either in February or March. The weather is cool from November to February and gets hot from March. The options for accommodations are limited, one is welcome to stay at the Ahilyabai Fort (the stay will be quite expensive) if one can afford it. The visitors can also choose to stay at cheaper lodges. A mix of a great legacy, as well as a sense of bliss, is offered by Maheshwari.