A Surprise In A Bamboo Shoot..!

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The people in Kolkata love to eat. For an introduction, our passion for biryani can be clearly noticed from the craze around the Kolkata-style aloo biryani. Nowadays, many food joints and restaurants across the city are experimenting with the procedures and flavors of traditional dishes and biryani is not an exception. If you wish to set out from the usual into something refreshingly new, this can offer you a delicious taste of bamboo biryani!


The bamboo biryani is filled with rice soaked in spices with fleshy pieces of meat, tucked under the hollow of a raw, bamboo log. This is cooked till the outer surface turns into charcoal. Since the bamboo shoot is covered with green leaves, the steam is chocked within, and this gives a woody aroma to the biryani. If you like the bamboo style of cooking, you can also lookout for the dishes like Meghalayan Mutton in Bamboo Sauce, and Tuna in Smokey Bamboo Sauce. The decor of this dish is kept simple and spacious with an amazing fragrance.


For this Biryani you need to use green bamboos. Because the moisture in the green bamboos helps out to burn very slowly and lets the ingredients cook smoothly and perfectly. You may ask “why such a headache? Cooking it normally rather than cooking in bamboos”. But we say “there is a lot of difference in the taste, if the normal biryani is delicious then, bamboo biryani is super tasty.”