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Oh Kolkata! is everything desi, cultural, and joy made at the core of the city of joy. We have created with love and a lot of enthusiasm a platform where everyone can come together and savor bitesize of deliciousness in the form of entertainment. At Oh Kolkata! You can bathe in the cultural aura and find happiness and fun right at the epicenter of the pride of Bengal. Bengal is a den of creativity and culture and the world bows to Kolkata for its heritage. So, here we are with the goal to bring to you viral, fresh, Kolkata rich content just like Kolkata Biryani that’s bursting with flavors. We aim to awe people with our humor, news, reach in the entertainment zone, and insights on lifestyle. Our core values lie at the center of our audiences’ hearts. So, not just come and live in Kolkata but go, Oh! Kolkata with us for a boundless fun, frolic, and everything in between!



We are a media and news company with a reach of over 20 million through our socials every month. People love us for our humor, follow us for our entertaining posts, and keep coming back because we have more and more to give every time you visit.

Our socials

We have 600k followers on our Facebook page and we are still on the path to winning hearts. Come join us and follow us on our socials to keep updated with what’s hot and happening in the city of joy. Get the latest Kollywood gossips and keep a tab of the latest events. Enjoy viral content and trending posts and give yourself a blast of the Bengal way of life!


We explore every niche of life and entertainment happening around the city to keep you enthralled. We bring to you hot gossips for the B-town and Bengali’s favorite K-town! Moreover, we cover inside stories and what’s happening around the city. We keep you updated about the events and public interests. You can count on us, if you’re looking for delicious recipes, and bombard you with lots and lots of viral content. We don’t believe in blatant marketing or selling unnecessary. So, we are solely and wholly committed to providing, what is the most essentials for us- the essence of the city of joy!

Oh! Kolkata for Brands

Internet is flooding with content today. So, it’s not a big deal to find marketing copies and content to impose on the audiences. Rather than doing what’s not so attractive, we aim at creating content that people choose to follow.

We create brand stories that are powerful and attention-seeking and serve them with the right mix of fun. We use our expertise to drive our creative work and help our brand partners get etched in the hearts of the people. We look into end to end digital marketing collaterals for our brands and fill the beans of our social media marketing channels. Also, we create content and drive content marketing strategies for our brands. Trusted by 300+ brands, Oh Kolkata, is driven to strategize brand awareness and spread the brand names like wildfire. Therefore, something is always hot and trending at Oh, Kolkata! Because we serve content that’s spicy, memorable, and fills up the heart of its audience.

So live life Kolkata size and follow us today!