After Korean Drama and BTS Band: A Great Rise of Korean Food Lovers in Kolkata!

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How many of us are aware of Korean food availability in Kolkata? Very few for sure, which includes foreigners, foodies, and some of the food bloggers. But flowing with the rise in popularity of Korean drama and music among the teens, people are getting in touch with Korean culture, fashion and increasing the high demand for Korean food day by day.

Let’s get to the flashback, It was Kimchi (the preserved cabbage) the foundation of Korean cooking. The Koreans were a small community in the mid-’90s in Chennai, mostly traders operating between Korea and India, but their number blew up when Hyundai selected Chennai for its first power plant. Sunny Jun, a humble person who came to India to manufacture soft toys, set up “Korea House” the first Korean restaurant in India.

Let the Korean food restaurants in Kolkata be your perfect spot, to treat you to some delightful Korean delicacies.


Serves the real taste of Korean food. With the great variety of Deopbabs with chicken. Also serve Kimchi, Squid, and Bibimbab. Pocket friendly, with the rates they offer, is reasonably good. And the service seems satisfactory as well. Don’t miss the seafood Ramyan which is the specialty of Family chicken.

Location: Axis mall, Rajarhat, Newtown, Kolkata.

Timing: 11:00am to 10:00 pm.



Serving there three outlets in the city which sing for its popularity. Not only Korean but also serve Chinese, Thai, Mongolian and Japanese as well. The prices seem pretty decent and the portion they offer is said to be huge, which is value for money. Their Korean menu offers everything including the starter to the main course. They serve special Jeongal soup, Bibimbab, Dubu jeon, Tofu tang su, and other Korean dishes as well.

Location: 50\2 Hazra Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata.

Timing: 11:26am to 10:45pm.



Relatively a new entrance in the city, with a high-end restaurant platform serving Korean foods along with Turkish, Mexican, and Italian as well. The food, environment, and the Bar, make it a great atmosphere to try. They serve the traditional fried chicken in Korean style which is the specialty of the restaurant.

Location: 24, Park Street, Kolkata.

Timing: 12:00pm to 12:00am.



Looking for Korean food at a 5star hotel? You don’t get better than this! Although the price is slightly higher than the others, you will have a great taste here, trying out the delicacies with the air of 5star. Sunday buffet is also especially famous include a wide range of classy fare. They serve the famous kimchi stew, soft tofu stew, instant Korean black noodles, and many more.

Location: ITC, Sonar, JBS, Haldane Avenue, Kolkata.

Timing: Monday to Friday- 7:00pm to 11:45pm, Sat & Sun- 7:00pm to 2:45 am.



Serving Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese along with Korean demands.  A Korean specialty Yangeom Tondak is a value for money. The service is good and the atmosphere is great.

Location: Hotel Hindustan International, Kolkata.

Timing: Open 24 hours.