Alur Dom & Its Everlasting Affair With Bengalis..!

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Alur Dom has a long-lasting affair with the Bengali families. It is the most relatable as the breakfast additions and it is also extensively loved during the rainy and winter seasons. The potatoes are frequently harvested during the winter season and the markets in Bengal get immersed with what we call notun alu/new potatoes. Just because the baby potatoes don’t settle to the cold storage with their bigger varieties and hence they become completely consumed during the winter. And all these new potatoes with their tenderness and soft textures barely-there skin with a unique smell made Alur Dom a special place in our heart.


Coming together with the very popular dish Doi diye Alur Dom, this is a light potato dish which is cooked in dum style. The yogurt mixed with the curry is the game-changer here. Yogurt gives this dish a bit tangy taste along with a smooth, creamy, and light texture. This dum aloo fused perfectly with Luchi and can also be exhausted with gorom bhat (steamed rice). We always got so amazed by the taste of this Alur Dom that we Bengalis had it for breakfast and for lunch with luchi and gorom bhat for most of the time.


Dum Aloo is also an important food item to consume during any small picnic. Just because it’s very easy to make and can be consumed with just luchi. So you don’t have to make so many dishes and the lunch box remains compact and light. Luchi and alur dom being a perfect match made in heaven gives you lunch with pure pleasure. And we think picnics are meant to be like having Alur Dom and Luchi.