Bengalis at a Fish Market!

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A visit to a fish market, although a smelly and crowded experience can be valuable especially for fish lovers. To a Bong, the odor that hangs in the air of the fish market is soul exciting, a feeling that drives him or her to greater things in life. For others, the opposite holds correct.


A Bengali man buying fish is an important business and no less filled with dare or unreliability than snagging the catch itself. The step to the trip begins with analyzing the possible variations, planning the purchase, and bargaining the prices. At the market, it is a special thing with the fishmonger as the householder examines under the gills, presses, and prods the fish to analyze its freshness. Then comes the negotiations till an agreed price is arrived upon. It is recommended that one should observe this morning’s drills at any large wet market in the city. Unwanted to say, you will come up with some valuable lessons.


The poultry and Fish Market at Hogg market is a great place for being one of the best markets for fish. With the rise in the number of seafood and coastal restaurants in the city, this market is doing extremely well and is the go-to place for buying fish in bulk.

With a fish lover in tow as we enter the fish market, a fish seller will tell us, ‘khub bhalo chingri ache, niye jan dada!’