Bengali’s Holi Quintessential: Mot and Futkorai!

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Like any other occasion, Bengal’s love for food gets reflected during the festival of colors. But, this time, in a different way. The Bengal Culinary includes two different delicacies especially for the occasion of Holi. They are ‘Mot’ and ‘Futkorai’. The names may seem weird to you, but the taste shall not disappoint.

Futkorai is made of sugar and chickpeas, while Mot is prepared by solidifying sugar balls. Mot is found in various shapes and colors. Sometimes, it is in a shape of an animal, sometimes a bird, sometimes maybe just a geometrical figure. Perhaps, it looks quite fancy. Hence, children are really fond of this particular sweet.


Futkorai doesn’t honestly have any graceful outlook. But, like you cannot judge a book by its cover, you cannot judge the taste of Futkorai by its look. They appear all the same. However, the taste has a combination of saltiness and sweetness. It a kind of sweet snack.

During Holi, after playing with color, you would certainly have cravings. Such cravings are fulfilled by these lovely delicacies. It somewhat acts as a color, you know. Not just during the day of Holi, people even eat these items before and after the day of Holi. Before Holi, they are like boosters, and after the occasion is over, they are like hangovers, anyway quintessential to Kolkata and Bengal!