Best Places in Kolkata That Hoard The Best Junk Jewelry

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Gone are the days when diamonds were regarded as a woman’s best friend. It is not about diamonds anymore and most definitely not just about women. Jewelry has evolved to become readily available for everyone and we cannot stop buying them! Here are the best places in Kolkata that hoard the best junk jewelry.

1. Bagri Market

This old wholesale market forms a part of Burabazar and one of the largest wholesale markets of India. The options are unlimited and all of them at a wholesale price!


2. New Market

If you are a junk jewelry addict, this is heaven on earth for you! Make sure you bargain for the right price or you could end up paying much more!


3. Gariahat

From fancy clothes and shoes to crockery, this is the ultimate shoppers’ paradise! The jewelry is easy on the pocket and the options are limitless!


4. Esplanade

If traveling to South Kolkata is an issue for you. You can pretty much make peace with this shopping paradise in the heart of the city. It is the only market existing through the colonial era.


5. Sudder Street

Sudder Street lies close to New Market and hoards the best hippie jewelry in Kolkata. From boho bags to chokers- you can get it all!