Bring the something new, Willy Wanka!

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Chocolates, Butterscotch, Vanilla flavor ice-creams are no doubt the basic flavor and we can’t deny that we love it at any time of the day.

What is Ice-cream for you? You may have different kinds of answers stored. Well, if you ask me then Ice-cream is an emotion, rehab center (yes you heard us, right), it is a place where you can embrace your thoughts.

Be it chocolate ice-cream, vanilla essence flavor, butterscotch, or pistachio. Ice-cream can be considered as one of the greatest discoveries of Human beings. Speaking about Ice-cream and the progress it made is commendable. New flavored ice-creams are on their way!! Brace yourself, dwellers of Kolkata for some new ice cream flavors.


A renowned company named ‘Milk berry- Rainbow Dairy Food Product’ joined hands with Bizdev for a long-term goal of setting up an Indo-Italian joint venture in ice-cream. Be it frozen dessert, fried ice-cream, or any other food product segment. These kinds of flavors are not easy to find, but now is the time to feel glee.

Kolkata dwellers can expect ‘interesting and innovative’ flavors and brands from Italy under the Milk berry brand name in the near future. Managing partner, Rainbow Dairy Food Product, said, “We are confident that it will be the first successful test case of how business houses even from the districts and suburbs are coming forward, inspired by the dreams of Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and taking a giant leap forward.”


The mission and prime focus of the state government are to connect Bangla with more countries. We are sure, good things like ice-cream should make their way more in the Indian market.