Celebrate the Carnival of Colors but Beware of Abusers

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Our society gives us the freedom to be ourselves and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. At the same time, our society gives the same freedom to some who fetch their enjoyment from abusing others and making them feel uncomfortable. Thus, it is only us who can protect ourselves and it is our duty to protect our loved ones from such toxic people out there in the mass waiting to seek an opportunity to satisfy their personal fun at any cost.

During Holi,  people would certainly splash colors on each other, roam around, eat and drink and celebrate. But, when someone comes out to splash colors for the purpose of touching you, that is an alert. When someone is giving colors instead of repeated denial, that is an alert. When someone is trying to get hold of your dress, that’s also alarming. When someone after pouring watercolors on you, makes fun of you, laugh giggle, and shame, that’s an alert.


Thus, it is wise to play Holi with only the people you know, and the people you can rely upon. In the random crowd, try sticking to a group where you know you belong. If you see anyone trying to disgrace someone else or making someone feel uncomfortable, come out and should loud. Come out as a supporter, as a friend, as a comrade, as a human. To make Holi not turn into an occasion of abusive opportunity, but a carnival to share bonds. Alter it to be the symbol of a new beginning. When the world shall be free from all toxicity, hence a better place to live in…