Chanar Jilipi: The Taste of Sweetness!

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This is one of our favorite indulgences, we must confess when this type of rainy day and Mondays get us down. Guaranteed to raise us from our grumpy lows is this delicious little piece of sweetmeat.


Chana dunked with oodles of love fried in ghee over a lazy flame and soaked in sugar syrup. Now the whole of India loves jalebis, fermented and intense fried soaked in syrup, it is crunchy, sweet, and delicious but then it is only in Bengal that we have Chanar Jilipi especially soft and delicious soaked in sugar syrup.

Chanar Jilipi is a thick fresh cottage cheese-filled dessert which is fried deep to dark brown golden perfection and then immersed in a thick cardamom blend syrup. The whole process is time-consuming but is all worth it with a melt-in-the-mouth heavenly taste. The recipe comes out best with freshly made homemade cottage cheese which is easy to mold and shape.


Chanar Jilipi is one of the famous Bengali delicacies, which is becoming rare these days. To be true, Bengal has its own love affair with ‘Chana’ fresh cottage cheese and its other love affair is with sweets. The variations of sweets that you get here surprise everyone.