Churmur: A Crunchy Mixture…

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Churmur is a crunchy, crispy, tangy, sweet & savory snack that is one of the most loved roadside street food in Kolkata – the lively Indian metropolis where we spent our childhood days. We Kolkatans love dishes containing elements that compare & contrast, and Churmur basically is an epitome of such a dish – it blends the frizzy softness of boiled potatoes and black grams, the taste of exotic spices, the sharpness of onion pieces the tangy tamarind chutney, all of them is then mixed with crunchy pieces of crushed Golgappa.


The cute rhythmic name, ‘Churmur Chaat’, came from ‘Churmur’ – a melodious word that narrates the crunchy sound of one’s mouth shut- in on the crispy Golgappa slices, and ‘Chaat’ is a well-appreciated category of tasty Indian roadside snacks. In the traditional roadside mixtures of Churmur Chaat, the street-hawkers prepare this magical mixture directly on the ‘Dona’ (small plate made of the dry leaf), expertly prepare to mix of the elements such that they are poured into a harmonious, ambrosial mixture that would put a 5-star restaurant’s dishes to shame. In a way, Churmur Chaat represents the spirit of our native land of Kolkata itself.


Unlike Phuchka, this street food of Kolkata is a well-served mixture of crushed phuchka. Although it tastes similar to Phuchka, Churmur is lighter to eat. Your Kolkata street food tour is incomplete if you missed trying Churmur.