Coffee House Er Sei Adda!

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The hot coffee and the hotter debates that take place here assure that your coffee is bounded by the strong local culture. What’s your favorite Adda? For a good hot coffee, freedom of speech discussion, and your interesting political views. Whatever cafe you suggest today cannot replace the most appreciated coffee house chain of India, i.e. Indian Coffee House. This coffee house is a place that literally has stopped the time. It has stopped at a time before our independence and it still looks so pretty and beautiful as it was used to be earlier.


Thus this coffee house is a well-known hangout spot for students who are known to spent hours stirring discussions and debates. This place has also been a hub for political thoughts and many ideas for movements and activism.

That’s the reason why many intellectuals have spent their time and they had many conversations. Yeah, many great peoples like Rabindranath Tagore, Subhash Chandra Bose, Manna Dey, Amartya Sen and we are sure this list would go on.


And while looking at the prices, you will feel like you are literally in the times before independence. Have you seen a coffee house this cheap? And the best part about this place is, you can order anything and after that, you can chill here for whatever amount of time you want, you just Chill..!