Connect Yourself With Nature On Earth Day!

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Have you ever thought about consuming every single thing from the earth? Water, air, food, and the surroundings. Thinking about the global environmental problems that are largely out of our control can feel overwhelming, but little actions add up when everyone does them simultaneously. When behavioral changes become habits, they become second nature, and then the widespread standards.


So how can you become more defensible?

  • By the use of reusable water bottles (remove plastic water bottle wastes).
  • Just try to eat less meat or do a Meatless Monday dare (less polluting gasses, less water used).
  • Using Compost (it also makes great natural fertilizer!)
  • Use Recycle items instead of disposing in the trash. LED light bulbs are costly as compared to other bulbs but try using LEDs (they last 10 times longer and use two-thirds less energy).
  • Make sure your appliances are energy-consuming and updated.


What if we recover Earth Day as a day of reflection and identification for the good work that is occurring across the planet to save species, to protect water and minerals, to assure a satisfactory living for those who are dependent on the land, to produce more and better food while keeping forests conserved, and to care for communities as well as the environment? Perhaps then we’d get to know more about the donation of people like these three game-changers.


Just enjoy some time in nature, and feel the connection you have with it. Just hug a tree and breathe fresh air. Even through the protective mask, it is possible to feel the fresh air.

And now, it is your turn. What do you do to preserve our Planet Earth? Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.