Crazy for Kulfi?

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During our childhood, there used to be a Matka Kulfi wala close to almost every household and he used to carry that typical round utensil (wrapped in red cloth) filled with crushed ice-packed pleasure. Grabbing an ice cream was not that easy those days and thus, kulfi came as a knight in creamy armor. We know how easily we can get bored of ice-creams and shakes. But kulfis are something beyond our expectations. Even the mention of this amazing Indian dessert gets us sober. And to help you beat the scorching heat.


So basically Kulfi is often blended in with the ice cream masses because it’s a frozen dessert made from sweetener and flavored milk, which trace a key difference between the desserts. Ice cream is made by lashing air into a dairy base. Kulfi is not. Instead of milk, it is cooked down as it is blended continuously until it is greatly reduced in volume and thickened, and the lactose sugar is caramelized. This mouth-snaking sweet, which is a thick, evaporated milk is traditionally flavored with saffron, betel leaf, mango, pistachio, rose, and cardamoms, although in the past few years Western varieties such as apple, strawberry, and avocado are becoming very famous. Thus, it is sometimes considered as a definite category of frozen dairy-based delicacy. Due to its density, kulfi takes a longer time to melt than Western ice-cream.


This creamy traditional delicacy is just irresistible! They are no way close to what we used to get during those summers some years back.