Enjoy These Delicious Bengali Foods at Home on Poila Baisakh

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This year we will not have ‘Parar Noboborsho Utshob’. We will not perform Rabindranath songs or recite famous poetries on the Dias amidst the claps of our neighbors. Neither are we putting up a huge crowd surrounding the Fuchka Wala or standing in a long queue outside famous restaurants.

Then, what are we doing this Bengali New Year?

Let’s keep the momentum of the distancing in place while we welcome the new year in grace.

Here are some delicious foods to enjoy at home and celebrate Poila Baisakh-

1. Basanti Pulao and Chicken Kosha

The sweet Bengali Pulao is a relish from heaven. It is super easy to prepare and delicious. You can prepare Basanti Pulao with ingredients you have at home (Bengalis usually have these available). Gobindobhog rice, Cashew, Raisins, Gota Garam Masala, Ghee, and a hint of turmeric (for the color). And you can vow everyone with this plate of deliciousness. Pair it with simple and flavourful kosha chicken or mutton, and there you have your perfect Poila Baisakh meal.


2. Biryani and Mutton Chaap

Bengali Biryani with aloo and egg and huge chunks of meat is a surrealistic pleasure on the plate. Mild spices balance the pungent aroma of the meat making Kolkata Biryani one of the favored meals.

Pair your plate of Biryani with the side of Mutton Chaap. It is dripping oodles of deliciousness in its thick gravy. And becomes a meal that cannot get more heavenly than this.


3. Mutton Dak Bungalow and Fried rice

How fancy for a name of a dish, right? It’s the dish of the chefs from heaven. Because, its look, its aroma, and taste are everything a foodie’s delight could be. This dish was discovered in British Colonial Kitchens and served to the traveling guests. Mutton Dak Bungalow gets its name from the cooks of dak bungalows. They would prepare this recipe exclusively in those times. The recipe for Chicken or mutton dak bungalow is a bit different from other curry recipes of Bengal.

It is rich, thick, and spicy. And a wonder served on a plate.


4. Daab Chingri and Bhaat

Bengali without fish is like a heart missing its beat. You cannot take love for fish out of a Bengali. So, the star recipe- Daab Chingri best savored with steamed rice.


5. Sandesh, Bode, Roshogolla, Kalo Jam

Bengal and sweets are companions of ages. Bengal loves sweets and ends every meal with ‘Mishti Mukh’.


Shubho Noboborsho, Folks!