Getting Vaccinated? The Do’s & Don’ts…

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While COVID vaccination depends on the availability of Covishield and Covaxin across the states if you have registered to get the jab, and have questions in your mind about the do and don’t. Then read along you might have a few questions.

Before Vaccination

1. If you’re taking medication for health conditions, do consult your physician on whether you should continue or delay the intake of your medication around the time of vaccination.

2. If you are experiencing some Covid-19 symptoms then talk to your doctor on whether you should get vaccinated or not currently.


On The Day Of Vaccination

1. Medicines You Should Avoid: Try to avoid medicine- such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

2. It is recommended that no to take antihistamines before getting the Covid-19 vaccine. This will help to prevent allergic reactions.

3. Wear a double mask or an N-95 at the vaccination center and maintain physical distancing.


Tips For Going For COVID Vaccine

1. Don’t forget Relevant Documents: Carry your physical copy of identity proof which you used for registration. Keep them handy.

2. What clothes one should wear: Make sure that you are wearing something that will give the healthcare worker easy access to your upper arm area.

3. Which arm you should get vaccinated: Use your Non-Dominant arm for vaccination.