Hair Color for this Season

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Surely a new hair color combo to try, which catches everyone’s attention.

Are you in love with different hair colours? Looking for a new hair colour, ladies? Try Blackberry.

We all know that vibrant colours always require a lot of step by step care. It can be a hazard if not taken care. But try not to think much of you’re planning to go for another hair colour. So, this season if you’re looking for a fun colour that requires low maintenance than dark shades are your saviour.


Well, most of the hair colours have been inspired by foods. Be it pink, jet black, green or for now it is Blackberry. No doubt this latest hair colour is inspired by the Blackberry fruit. The dark, sultry shade is currently creating waves on the internet. If you have naturally black hair, then this hair colour is perfect for you!

This dark plum colour is surprisingly low maintenance, as it grows out smoothly and the best part is- it doesn’t require harsh chemicals to create a strong base. All you need is to get the balayage base and shades of blackberry dyed with a tinge of blue.