Holi: The Happy Faces of Psychedelic Canvases!

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Patches of blue and green and red and black, with a little popper of silver, or maybe a tinge of golden upon the deep violet… Colors everywhere… Yes, I am talking about the faces. The unrecognized faces. The faces that don’t have a mask, yet can hide all sorrows and fears. The faces that have nothing to lose but their chains. The happy Faces. The faces look like psychedelic canvases. The faces of people all around.

Holi is such an occasion, that no one would try to look pretty or beautiful or anything. They can be themselves (which they can be anyway), but on Holi, one can shed all struggle with the societal image of beauty, and be original. Happy, and seeking beauty from the colors of happiness.


The dresses are full of colors again. A  vibrant mixture that can be given no name. It can be felt, only. It feels soothing. It feels glorious. The feeling that our monochromatic life with routines and burdens can never provide with.

No matter how you paint, for a day, you are an artist. An artist who is happy with the smooth flow of colors, their mixtures, and new forms. Somewhat imagining beyond the mainstream, and then coming up with a canvas that is unique to the world.

The Canvas that bears all identity!

The Canvas has one purpose to serve!

The Canvas of inclusive enjoyment!