Hot, Yummy & Crunchy!

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A lot of conversation can happen over coffee, but much more can happen over chai and pakora. A crunchy twist of pakora and a sip of adrak wali chai will make you fall in love with the experience. On rainy days, a view of raindrops, a bite of pakoras, and a sip of chai is something you can do the whole day. Kolkata would often see a homely atmosphere around chai shops created between the hustle of the city life. Right from Punjabi Dhaba to famous chai stalls.


Monsoons are almost towards the door, except a few drizzles here and there, the weather has started to change. Therefore what can be a better way to enjoy the first drops than to sit with your incredibly hot cup of evening tea with some crunchy pakoras. ‘Telebhaja’(any sort of vegetable immersed in a batter of gram flour and deep-fried) is a word closely associated with the bong ‘gastronomy’ mostly when it comes to traditional bong snacks.


An inviting crispy crunchy bite of the pakora is priceless. This soulful fusion of chai and pakora has been an integral part of the daily lives of people in various parts of Kolkata. Pakoras, bhajis, fritters are all versions of a quick and easy fried snack that is famous across the globe. Iftar snack, during the holy month of Ramadan making of pakora, is so simple that you can prepare easily. Try these amazing pakoras and that will make you fall in love with the simplicity of this dish.