Hunger for Seafood in the City!

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Whether it is about fish curry or a delicious fried prawn, Kolkata’s culinary arena offers a vast variety of seafood which is enough for smacking waters from your mouth. Kolkata and its relationship with fish is a never-ending love story, that has given a huge rise to a rich Seafood culture in the city. Cooking the best Bengali fish like Pabda, Vetki or the famous Chinese delicacies like Squid, prawns, octopus and many more. Kolkata can be the best place to quench the thirst of any kind of seafood lover. From the British Raj till now, it has evolved more varieties of cuisines, which has opened the shutters of many restaurants and street stalls of seafood.

Let us guide you to the best Arenas for seafood lovers in the city of joy:

1. Santa’s Fantasea

One of the most eccentric restaurants on the list, Santas Fantasea is a Tribal and Sea Food restaurant.  From its delicious seafood momos to the chewy squid draped in species, the options in Santas Fantasea are just infinity to its beyond. The eatery is famous throughout the city for its Octopus especially.

Address: 9, Ballygunge Terrace, Dhakuria, Kankulia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700031.


2. Fish Fish

Just like the name might recommend, this place only serves several kinds of Fish delicacies famous for  Bhetki, Pomfret, Katla, Pabda, and the kings of fish Ilish.

Address: 13, 5, Anil Maitra Rd, Ballygunge Place, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019.


3. Ecstasea

Offers from lip-smacking seafood momos, delicately cooked prawns, Chili crab with soft shells, flavorful squids and well-seasoned octopus makes this place a comfortable place to dine in.

Address: P241, Lake Rd, lake Terrace, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029.


4. Pappadam

The taste experiences that Pappadam serves with its best Goan fish curry which is quite unique in Kolkata. Serves coastal seas food cuisine. Importing coastal dishes from Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and to the city of joy.

Address: 24, SR Das Rd, Mudiali, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700045.


5. Kasturi

Serving throughout the years, and it is just hard to resist Daab Chingri, Tel Koi, Pabda Shorshe Jhal, and much more delicious cooking.

Address: 11 A, Hindusthan Road, Rash Behari Ave, Dover Lane, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019.


The food culture of Kolkata took a great rise and became more diverse as time has passed. This has truly made Kolkata a foodie city, engaging in different cultures and food tastes throughout the globe.