Karma: It’s all written in the stars!

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Addatimes new launch it’s new venture ‘Karma’

What would happen when Lust, Rage, Vengeance, greed settle down in one place? Well, they come with a plan, a hideous one!

Director Arnab Riingo Banerjee never fails to amuse his audience, every direction he gives sips down to an interesting storyline. This time he delivers to his audience “Karma”. His new Addatimes Media Private Limited launch.  ‘Karma’, its first original film, released on 3rd December.


At the press conference apart from the director, the cast and crew of the film were present. Pritha Sengupta, Saheb Bhattacharya, Saoli Chattopadhyay, Duke Bose among others.

During the time of an unforeseen pandemic, Addatimes group took some serious measures to provide the best for their audience. This is Addatime’s first original film with a brilliant cast. Promising debutante, PrithaSengupta as the protagonist Sanjana.

Karma deals with the hideous intention of Sanjana, who is already into vengeance for her past experiences. Things go haywire when the characters of the plot go missing.


Speaking with Saheb, he said, “Humans take few measures willing which a hideous and sinful. The event takes measures unwilling. That’s where we decide our karma! Karma is what goes around comes around.”

Apart from the star cast, Rajiv Mehra, the producer was present at the stary event.