Laraku Teen Selected for Under-17 World Cup

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We wish Adrija for her future endeavors. Such Struggles won’t go in vain.

There is a famous saying which goes by: If there is a will there’s a way!! We certainly believe in that quote. This proverb is correct in every sense. A determined mind and will to achieve something can make anyone do things that they never thought of. At least that’s what Adrija from Bardhaman did. This girl is on fire!

The way she balances her life, study, and practice is beyond praise. She achieved something which we all should be proud of. Trained by her local coach, her will-power and her passion for the game took her one step closer to her goal.


But what did Adrija do? Well, she is the only representative from West Bengal who has been qualified for Under-17 World Cup Football for Women. Yes, you heard us right. A student of ninth-grade and studies at Mahila Samity High School created the right kind of buzz. She is the goalkeeper and knows how to dodge the ball. The day she got selected, she made the headlines. The journey we know but not her struggle. Not only did the selection bring pride it brought joy for the entire Bengal squad. The best part is, amidst all the hardship her coach Sanjiv Baudi is her guardian angel and he believes in her.


We cannot be certain what her future holds, will she be selected for the final team or not? But, goalkeeper Adrija’s success has brought happiness not just to her family but to the whole state. Speaking about the game, the world Cup for Under 17 girls was expected to take place in 2020. But, that never happened. However, it is to be heard that things are getting normal and she will get into the position which she deserves. Other than Adrija, 3 more players have been selected: Rupali Bauri, Monalisa Marandi, and Puja Murmu.

She is the only one who got selected from West Bengal and we can’t be more than happy!