Leave Yourself in the Arena of Flurys!

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Imagine Calcutta in the 90s, bustling with life, with elegant restaurants and bars that other cities could not even dream of.  Let’s start with breakfast! Feeling hungry is obvious, and it’s a fresh morning so we should have some breakfast right? And for breakfast, we would grab to the fanciest place of Kolkata! Which we can call a  Lavish English breakfast.


The Flury’s established in 1927, in the Park Street area of Kolkata, and since then it has been the most iconic and stylish cafe in the city. In fact, the English breakfast has a die for the experience. Whenever you come to Flury’s always wrap your hush brown, with bacon, and feel the taste of goodness. The rum balls are the must-have delicacy here because it has a perfect balance between the taste of rum and sweetness.


While reading the menu, remember ordering an Earl Grey tea along with chicken puff patties. Followed by, a cheese chicken sandwich and a few of their hotshot chocolate cakes and pastries. And after a while, you will realize that the cheese chicken sandwich was everything that you had expected!

The sweet smell of those freshly baked goodies, hot from the oven, is something that would keep calling you back to Flurys.