Let’s Evoke Our Childhood With These Colorful Bombs!

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Summer is just on the door, and it’s not leaving anything unturned to make us feel its presence. Amidst the flaming heat, what is the best way to get some cool and refreshing than having our seasonal favorite—Ice Gola. Kolkatans are getting ready for the upcoming burning Summer which seems to set its foot on the shores of The City of Joy.

This typical summer delicacy that we believe to be Full Desi, however, boasts a history that shades many cultures and legends. As kids, we remember running out to the streets to spot the Golawala, completely unaware of any concerns for hygiene or un-hygiene.


While walking to the street you will easily find the Golawala, picking up so many different flavored bottles on the cart. All the flavors are based on your choice, whether you want the mixed flavor or the red sweet flavor, or the famous Kala Khatta. All the procedure begins with shaving the ice and ends with painting the ice with colorful flavors.

You can enjoy this Ice Gola in two ways, you can either go for the ‘Chuski’ type or you can simply put a straw into the glass and consume it sip by sip.


We used to prefer this amazing Street delicacy outside our school, the crowd near the Gola stall is still one of our best school time memories. The eagerness of our classmates to get the Gola first is still a major missing these days.

Whether we want to beat the heat or evoke that happy childhood again, Ice Gola is our go-to dessert. And when in doubt, just ask for Kala Khatta!