Life in the Buses of Kolkata!

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The real experience of Kolkata begins with a local bus ride, where getting a seat is like luck by chance. Around the Hustling bustling roads of the city, you will find conductors shouting to gather more and more passengers. Where the collection of money and the tickets are done within the fingers. Where the crowded buses are referred to as “Faaka” means empty by the bus conductors which sounds quite strange.


Finding a person besides you, who is sleeping at your shoulder is obvious. Riding in a bus without having a proper change of rupees, could be an insult. Where leaving your seat for a random female is a respected job. And you can easily reach your destination at a very budget-friendly fare.

A race between the two buses is normal here because everyone wants to reach their destination on time. Where confirming the route of the buses is done by the numbers, buses of every route have their own unique numbers, by which one can easily recognize where the actual destination of the bus is.


A massive no of 54% of all travel in the city of Kolkata takes place through its buses showing the stretched network of buses in the city is one of the best and most efficient ways of getting around. In recent times, the city has seen the foundation of newer low-floor AC buses to recharge the existing aging fleet. These buses provide an excellent way to travel through the city and get some sightseeing done in complete comfort.