Love Parathas?

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An unraised flatbread that has won the hearts of the people in the subcontinent and also far away in South-East Asia too, the paratha is one of that food that requires no introduction. There is not just a single way of making the dish but many ways to enjoy it as plain paratha with basic potato curry or as stuffed paratha with raita or chutney or as peeled paratha with curries or even with sugar sometimes. When it comes to Mughlai Paratha, the very basic meaning of paratha changes, taking this to a new level of taste and after a bite or two, you will realize why Bengalis are so crazy about it.


Mughlai Paratha is a faultless illustration of Mughal engagement on the cuisine of Bengal that had slid through the kitchens of Nawabs of Murshidabad and now has become the most visible after street food of Kolkata. In its authentic genre, the paratha is usually stuffed with keema (ground meat) and then surrounded with egg, the meat-filled packets are then shallow fried in hot oil.


The basic mention of Mughlai Paratha leads straight to the Anadi’s cabin, the man in accordance to legends that had introduced the Mughlai Paratha to the gourmands of Kolkata. But with time everything changes, so does the legendary reputation too.

So, if you are a street food lover then you must yield yourself to some amazing mouthwatering Moghlai Paratha to satisfy your tastebuds.