Mental Health First to Fight Covid-19 Anxiety

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Don’t take your anxiety lightly. Stress on these few points which are mentioned in the article.

Indeed, the news is meant to keep us aware, but the way 2021 treating us, it seems the wrath of hell is felt on Earth. News is at times becoming a source of distress and discomfort. With the current scenario of India and the constant rise in few particular states based on West Bengal included. It is important to look after our mental health and create a healthy environment. If not cured can be a silent killer.


With the situation of the country with record-high COVID-19 cases and deaths, it is extremely impossible to maintain a positive outlook at anything. We can’t let that happen, where there is darkness, there has to be hope at the end of the tunnel. You need not be affected by the virus to be bogged down mentally. Don’t forget, your feelings and stress are valid.


Sharing some valuable tips to manage anxiety during this covid situation.

– Stay informed but limit the frequency to twice a day.

– Take care of your health as a natural routine.

– Make physical exercise and deep breathing a must.

– Relax your mind.

– Limit your ‘Pandemic Conversation’ in every group statement or conversing with your friends, family, or anyone.

– Interested in dancing, singing, or even cooking? Then do that. Go ahead. Dance as if you’re the star of a show.

Performing small acts to calm one’s mind is always useful. We do hope you try for yourself.