Not Diamonds but Lipsticks your BFF: Know few quirky facts…

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Thank God- they come in various shades, textures, and pigments which can totally spoil you (in a good way)!

“She has a way with words, red lipstick and making an entrance.” -Kate Spade

Throughout history, lipstick has been considered many things: be it political, classic, provocative, audacious, or disruptive. We are talking about the iconic red lipstick’. Most notable of them all is the makeup go-to for any kind of look. You’re not ready unless and until you put on your red lipstick. Well, a touch of lipstick can fix anything. That hot shade in our purse is pretty much everyone’s going to, whether you’re a makeup rookie or a junkie. Within the cosmetic arena, that shade of plumpy red has always been a generational game-changer, constituting itself.

Thank God- they come in various shades, textures, and pigments and they can totally spoil you (in a good way). Even if your outfit isn’t fancy or your hair isn’t done – if your lipstick is okay, then you’re blessed.


Here are some weird facts that you probably didn’t know about your favorite makeup product:

1. Your Lipsticks might have bugs in them. You heard us, right the pigmentation in it is often made from crushed bugs. The striking red can give you a Squamish feel.

2. At a point in time, it was acceptable to apply lipsticks in public during lunch but never after dinner! (Wait… what? Who came up with such lunatic thought?).

3. Rainy Day? Gloomy morning? Buy more shades of lipstick. Research Studies says that lipstick sales go up on the gloomy and rainy day. So next time when the sky is sad or a bit too much grey, just rush to the nearby store and pick yourself the hot shade.

4. Did you know that women, who wear lipstick daily, eat approximately 2 kg of lipstick in their entire lifetime?

5. Well back in ancient Egypt, men and women wore lipsticks using red, orange, and bluish shades as a representation of their social status.

6. It was believed that ‘ Lipstick had healing Powers in them’. Which drove Queen Elizabeth to use lipstick as healing powers and was reportedly a huge believer in that powers. This drove her to apply the cosmetic heavily when she fell ill.