Obsession can turn into a dangerous disorder

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The obsession with his wife drives Habol to take some major steps. What made him take such drastic steps?

Debutant director Manas Basu is all set for his first film ‘Chobiyal’. The teaser, poster even the trailer of the film was released way back.  On 27th March ‘Chobiyal’ failed to hit the theatres due to the pandemic scenario and finally, it is releasing on 11th December.

The interesting storyline, Saswata Chatterjee and Srabanti Chatterjee’s pair, the dialogues made the film quirky, humorous, and definitely must-watch tag. Speaking about the casting, Srabanti- Saswata will share the same screen for the first time.

The story revolves around a man (Habol) who is a photographer and he is interested in taking photos of dead bodies. In fact, he is so much passionate about his profession that he turns his studio into a crematorium. Things changed when his close friend who is a wedding photographer suddenly disappear.  On the other hand, Habol falls in love with a mysterious and beautiful woman Labonya played by Srabanti. Within no time everyone starts talking about them which made Habol leave the village with Labanyo.

The obsession with his wife drives Habol to take some major steps.  What measure? Who is Labanyo? The question remains unanswered and answers will be revealed when the movie hits the theatres.