On Mother’s Day Too Many Mothers Can’t Afford Diapers

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Back in 1907, Anna Jarvis held a service memorial for her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis. Ann, who was a peace activist who creates Mother’s Day Work Clubs in the year the 1850s to promote children’s health. That very year, Reeves Jarvis lost nine children to an epidemic spread through insanity condition which was common during the rise of the 19th century.


Truth be told, this was one of the major reasons behind the genesis of Mother’s Day, and many of us might think wrongly think that it is now obsolete. Sanitation! Cleanliness! Diapers! Sounds weird for an unmarried woman or to anyone. But for a mother is her truth. Families spend a generous amount of money to diaper one child or if we talk about percent, 8% of a full-time minimum wage salary and prices are expected to go up.

Mother’s Day became an official holiday in 1914. No doubt, the greeting-card companies and confectioners being the forecasters quickly seized the commercial opportunity. Mother still struggles with diaper needs, and while many of us call Mom and send celebratory bouquets on ‘Mothers Day’, many moms struggle to have their most basic needs.


According to a study, nearly one in three struggle to get enough diapers for their babies. Diaper need remains a common and hidden problem of poverty, which are been worst hit with new mothers and when their families lost job. Though diapers are essential for babies, and will always be as they are not systematically covered by safety-net policies. Diapers are not luxury, they are a need.

What’s a better way of celebrating the mothers in your life than by eradicating the socio-economic conditions of caregiving.