Our 90’s Candy Crush..!

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Most of us must enjoy or try those sweet and sour colorful candies at least once in our childhood. Who can forget that tangy tasty and delicious flavored candies we used to indulge in on long journeys or usually at school? As much as we appreciated them, the sad part of the story is that most of the market-bought candies can be wasteful and harmful to our health. Generally, beneficial lemon candies can lose their value with the added preservatives and colors.


Think candy has to be colorful to taste great? Think again! That mixture of black candies features a wide range of mouthwatering flavors from lemon to sour black to traditional orange and many other colored candies. And they’re the only candies we offer that could still be fully appreciated if you served them in your friends. Purchasing it before school, on the bus, and enjoying it through the day was one of the best ways our childhood could be remembered.


Nothing can beat the thrill of still discovering a few of them in some corner of the city of joy once in a while. These childhood memories definitely make us feel blessed to be a part of that generation who had enjoyed the coolest of food varieties ever. All of these small candies have always been everybody’s favorite and sipping on Bantas and Frooti was unquestionably a thing every 90’s Indian Kid would relate to.