Recalling Our 1 Rupee Nostalgia!

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This Pepsi Ice took us back to such childhood school memories. We don’t know how many of you have tasted this. This reminds us of our school days when we used to bother our parents to buy them. It still stays so fresh in our memory. Revisiting that white box where they sold the flavored refreshment Pepsi in a transparent pouch. We always enjoyed it so much as it was a very small tube with colored flavored juices which was in a frozen state. It cost just 50 paise and the slightly bigger tubes which had milk-based flavors were 1 rupee.


These colorful pouches are very suitable to use and drink as well as it has a ziplock cover so no spilling and less chaotic. It has a fill line and label protection so that you can neatly label the juices and also the date of freezing. Each tube can fill 1/2 cup approximately. It comes with ice sticks which makes it easy to hold for kids as the tubes will be so chilled and refreshing.


For the madness, it was neither Pepsi nor Coca-Cola. They were these refreshing icy sticks frozen in various eye-catching colors and a multitude of flavors, all 100% artificial, depending on whether you got a half sort one or a tall one. It was nothing but a slim pencil-like plastic container filled with liquid and kept freezing, so it could be eaten like a portable popsicle without the problem of the melting ice spilling on you. The melted remains inside the plastic cover were slurped up in the end. Walking back from the school to the public transport bus stand in the hot afternoon sun, this was something to look interested in.


How many of you spent your childhood like this..?

Our kids will never get to enjoy the awesome childhood we had. All they now can experience is the Mobile phone.