Take a Pledge to Not Splash Colors on the Animals!

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Yes, Holi is the one day we all celebrate, irrespective of any identity. It is one of the biggest celebrated festivals in India. We all are in a mood to play and enjoy and sing and dance. We can be free from all tensions and devoid of hatefulness. We can grace our life with colors. But, do you think splashing colors on animals is similarly enjoyable and graceful? No. Absolutely Not. Just because they can’t speak, does not mean they enjoy it. Just because they don’t retaliate, doesn’t mean you can splash colors on them and extract happiness out of it.

They are living beings and they ought to live peacefully and without disturbance. The colors bring them irritation and diseases. Especially the stray dogs and cats. They are vulnerable to colorful water balloons. The colors from which we seek vibrancy incorporate chemicals and therefore are very harmful to any animals. It can even cause respiratory problems or make the animals blind.


Hence, this Holi, try to enjoy the inclusiveness of life, celebrating life not only by enjoying colors, but helping other living beings to live peacefully and unharmed. Please make sure your children don’t splash colors on animals. Make them understand the problems. If you see any animal in the residential area or street, full of colors, vomiting, or having any behavioral change, don’t let him or her suffer, come out for help and call for Animal welfare. Try to create awareness if possible and take a pledge to not splash colors on animals.