The Celebrity Chai of Kolkata..!

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In India, cha/chai is not just a sip of tea to kick-start the day – the thick sugary cup is an essential part of the ups and downs of life. With or without milk, tea is with us to stand and rule our hearts and minds. These days many modern alternative shops selling coffee or other blends may have risen up, yet there is no questioning on the fact that tea is still the country’s most popular drink in our day-to-day life and will continue to remain the same. The protocol of drinking cha is just infinity and beyond. Footpaths are flooded with chaiwallahs who serve it boiled with ginger, cardamom, sugar, and milk and attract tea lovers.


In Kolkata, the time of tea can be any, and this love for tea charges around-the-clock culture. A hot cup of tea can have an easy effect for knocking down the winter colds and quench the senses. The city is flooded with uncountable tea stalls, ready to serve the weary and thirsty tea addict with a hot steaming cup of tea at frequent hours of the day. When it comes to satisfying one’s craving for a special cup of tea at the oddest hour, one can confidently move for Balwant Singh Dhaba’s Chai on Harish Mukherjee Road. Balwant Singh is a well-known name among North Indian food joints and was the first to begin the steamed milk tea trend in Kolkata almost 97 years ago. It has been a long and eventful journey for them, and it is still becoming stronger. Frequented by well-known celebrities the place is perpetually bustling with customers from all turns of life. Freshly brewed hot tea is served to customers with the Kulhads.


Balwant’s Dhaba is a part and a continuation of Kolkata’s heritage. A must-go for foodies and all tea lovers. For all tea lovers, the craze of chai is just can’t describe in words. So where is your Adda for a sip of Hot and steaming cup of tea..?