The Kolkata Local Gossips!

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The unity in diversity we observe in everyday ridership on the railway line of the Kolkata locals, and if you are one of these passengers, you will come across the people with various personalities who shape your travel experience less stressful.

Some aunties besides you are so interested in staring at your phone and so busy in reading your own personal chats, some are the Romeo-Juliet, some are the Uncles who are busy in their political views, and some are the gossipers. More often, these wonders can be college-going students, who carry the masala topics ranging from their personal life to Bollywood, Netflix, and Sports. If you failed somewhere in being updated with the daily affairs, find one of these partners to stand next to.


The crowds traveling in the evening are usually sweated with their day’s work. That means they sometimes could fight for a seat. You will find entirely different facets of the passengers. Obviously exhausted out of their official duties, you can call them sleeping beauties, who eagerly wants a seat to make themself comfortable to take a 4 stop nap.

Apart from all these discomforts, traveling in Kolkata local is all fun. The personalities you see between the circular line, all you have to find the timepass of your interest.