The Legacy of Bengali Sarees!

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If you are a foodie, then you definitely put Rosogolla and Misti Doi as Bengali’s most popular products, but for a Cotton Saree lover, the priorities are slightly different. As modernity and urbanization have led to the downfall of many traditional forms of clothing but the love for Bengali sarees is still an undying favorite.


While, the means of manufacture, its style, its designs may have changed but the craze for Bengali sarees among Indian women is still trending. Bengali sarees are of several types. There are many like the Garad, Dhaniakali, Baluchari, Jamdani and many more. Baluchari is actually connected with the sentiments of the Bengalis. Because the famous part of the Baluchari is its ‘Pallu’ and based on the stories weavers want to narrate and the ones which inspire them, are all portrayed on it.


Talking about the very famed Jamdani, its artwork is done by hand. It takes 6-7 months to make one such sarees. These sarees are not just sarees, they are assets. If you remember any movie that was set in Kolkata, you will recall at least a scene depicting Bengali women wearing a traditional White Saree with Red Border. These are indeed the most well-known artwork from this region.

And these are the sarees, that can be passed down as heirloom as well. Because it’s a very good representation of Bengali Art and Bengali Sarees.