The Never Ending Love for ‘Chocolate’

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No doubt, ‘Ektu misti mukh hoa jak / Kuch mitha ho jaye’ is the synonym of February 9th- Chocolate Day! 

This day of the month is considered to be the sweetest day of the year..! The ‘unconditional craving’ for chocolate seems to stay at the top priority chart. No doubt, ‘Ektu misti mukh hoa jak / Kuch mitha ho jaye’ is the synonym of February 9th- Chocolate Day!

This day in Valentine’s Week is all about those mushy feelings and exchanging this sweet gift. Speaking about history, Chocolate was discovered over 2,000 years ago and it is the oldest candy in the world. Still, it remains undefeated no matter what.


The moment we imagine chocolate, our Temporal Lobe (part of the brain which helps to recognize a picture through smell) helps us to imagine the bright golden wrap and the goodness inside it.

No doubt, there are types of chocolates that range from mildly sweet to bittersweet flavor. Some people like their chocolates all white, while some like their chocolates dark. Since the creation of this piece of heaven, the world has consumed absolute supremacy and we can’t stop consuming more.


So, on this day let us help you out to pick chocolate according to your partner’s taste buds:

  • Here comes the good part, ever heard of ‘Pink Chocolate’..? You heard us right. It wasn’t made by Willy Wonka. Well, It took 13 long years for Barry Callebaut to come up with the right texture and mix-up to present in front of the customers and the wait is love. Pink Chocolate already on the market selves.
  • Here’s something new for the taste bud. This Ruby chocolate has a different story. This brilliant flavor was discovered by the makers of Belgian Chocolate. It has some different color of red-pink texture and has an amount of about 47.5% cacao that make its flavor a combination of sour and sweet.
  • Now, who doesn’t love Swiss chocolate? This chocolate has a high concentration of milk, and thus it has a sweet flavor. If your partner just loves chocolate and has a thing for high-quality chocolate, then this is the one for you.
  • White chocolate is considered to be one of the most common chocolate ever. This is the chocolate that is easily identified with its off-white color. Made with sugar, milk, vanilla essence, cocoa butter. Even it has a high percentage of getting fat ( but that’s different..!). The good quality of this chocolate can be identified with the texture and softness of its coating. White Chocolates are extremely sweet, if your partner has a sweet tooth then don’t forget to buy one.