The world might be a dim place but thanks to Lucky Ali..!

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Little did she know that it would cross 3,214,077 views (and still counting) on Instagram.

They don’t make singers anymore like Lucky Ali. His name is lucky, but we the audience are indeed lucky to listen to his soulful songs. He was one of the pioneers of Indian pop music in the 90’s. How can we forget his melodious voice in ‘Aa Bhi Ja’, ‘ Hairat, ‘ Safarnama’ and many more.

It has been 20 long years since Ali’s song ‘O Sanam’ came out which caught the attention of a whole generation of lovestruck youngsters ( even me ). Well, ask anyone and they can’t deny the fact that they love his songs.


On Saturday, the charming man Lucky Ali performed his latest hit song ‘O Sanam’ during an impromptu concert in Goa.  Veteran actress  Nafisa Ali Sodhi played a major role in this. Ask why? Well, the smart lady took to her Instagram and shared a short video of Lucky Ali singing ‘O Sanam’ at an impromptu concert at Arambol village. The 62- years-old singer, dressed in a white shirt and white pants, played the soulful tune on his guitar and crooned the song.


The veteran actress stated that her friend told her about this place.  Nafisa even added that Lucky said he would love to encourage musicians.

How did the internet react?

Well, well, it took a few minutes for the short clip to go viral amongst netizens. Just like us, fans of the singers couldn’t thank Nafisa Ali enough for the amazing video which she shared. To which someone wrote, “Trust me those who are sitting beside and listening to this man is the luckiest person of Earth,” and we won’t deny the fact. Another comment read, “What true “unplugged” is supposed to be”.


The man behind the song ‘ Gori Teri Yaad’, ‘Tere Mere Saath Jo Hota Hai’ didn’t fail us to charm once more.