Want to Watch some Hatke Movies this Christmas?

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Like there are badly made movies, and then there are films that are purely made to torture the audience.

The Bengalis are boisterous people. We love to talk about anything & everything, and we love to eat. Apart from applying ‘Boroline’, we love our heritage, films, and culture. But, have we ever asked ourselves what we do when we are not busy with our daily quota of “Dhur r bhalo lagche na kaj korte” or debating about politics, we tend to sip ‘cha’ and talk about Bengali movies.

It becomes a bloodbath if you even try to compare recent Hindi mainstream movies with the ones we grew up on. Now the reason is why Bengali movies are different?  We are not even trying to compare. It’s just Bengali movies showing the human side of people, the fate of the society. Stories show the fate of society. There are more than just commercial/mainstream films. How can we forget about Arthouse cinema, parallel cinema, short films, and many more!


Here are 5 Bengali movies that will bring us back to Earth (after watching movies like Virgin Bhanupriya, Malang, Baaghi 3), we all need to purify our vision with a few good movies. Like there are badly made movies, and then there are films that are purely made to torture the audience. We mean, who even approves of them? Let me clarify, not every Hindi commercial movie is hilariously horrible.

Many of them are actually good and have the ability to swipe your reality.

1. Avijatrik: It took him seven years to write the film. Made in monochrome, this movie is based on the last chapter of Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay.


2. Guldasta: It is a movie that revolves around three women and a Marwari saleswoman.


3. Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti: This movie has a separate fan base. BJGK surely challenges the superstitions and prejudices against women.


4. Bhooter Bhabishyat (2012): This movie deals with the quirky inhabitants of ‘Chowdhury Baadi’ who just happen to be ghosts! They tried to recreate the same magic in Hindi, but failed.


5. Chini: A sweet-sour relationship about a mother-daughter duo. The movie will be released on 25th December.