What’s New In New Town..?

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The lovely city of Kolkata is home to uncountable peoples from all walks of life. Famous industrialists and bureaucrats, poets and artists, students and professionals- all of them take roof under the city’s large beating heart. Although, as the population of any city expands, the city limits also increase in advance to keep up with the rising needs of its residents. New Town is one such example; it’s a luxurious satellite city developed by the state government of West Bengal in the 1990s to cooperate with the rapid increment in the population and fulfill the demand for housing elaboration in the city in a pre-planned and structured way. In fact, the new flats at New Town Kolkata are issued with various facilities and resources that are hard to find in the leading projects located in Central Kolkata.


Located on the edges of Kolkata, New Town has many lovely facets that catch prospective homebuyers. It is an upcoming IT and education hub, well served to the main city of Kolkata through road and rail, with a charm of entertainment and recreational amusements for locals and tourists alike. New Town has assembled pleasure by young couples and nuclear families. You can virtually visit in and out all residential options made available to you at New Town by many construction companies.


As the former colonial capital expands its limits, new suburbs increased to quickly accommodate the city’s growing pace. New Town is an eyewitness of Kolkata’s prominence in the country’s affairs- the satellite city boasts of many technological developments in town planning and governance that are yet to be featured in more distinguished metro cities. Life in the New Town of Kolkata or near that area enjoys a unique mix of nature, modern improvement, employment opportunities, and communal harmony that are hard to find elsewhere.