What’s the connection between Sitabhog and Lord Curzon?

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Did you ever have the famous ‘Fried’ Sitabhog-Mihidana from Burdwan? If not then read this article to know the address of fried Sitabhog-Mihidana.

Let’s talk about Sitabhog.! Those sweet, white strands with perfectly geometrical round brown balls were one of the most exclusive sweets made in Colonial Bengal. The land of Burdwan offers Mihidana and Sitabhog, which are to die. The mechanism used in the process is- cottage cheese or chhana and powered rice rolled into a dough. Later it is broken into tiny bits and fried in ghee, then those tiny balls are soaked into the sugar syrup and will be mixed into Nikhutu ( a small gulab jamuns). Not only Indians, but even this delicious sweet had also attracted the attention of Europeans for a long.


Who Replaced Whom?

Sitabhog was made from Sitashol rice and interestingly nowadays this sweet dish has replaced by Gobindobhog rice. Although, the process of making Mihidana and Sitabhog are almost identical the ingredients differ. Speaking about the color, Sitabhog is white and Mihidana is bright yellow. Even, many Bengalis describe Mihidana as the micro-cousin Boondi. Give stress on the word Mihi refer as fine and Dana means grain.


A Myths Or Truth?

There is a saying, the princess of Mithila and Ayodhya’s King Ram’s wife Sita was very fond of this particular sweet. Later to pay tribute to her, the sweet was named after her.


According to Get Bengal’s Story, Sitabhog has an interesting tale. It is been said that Late Negendranath Nag and his grandfather Late Khettranath Nag invented this sweet during the regime of Maharaja Late Mahatabchand Bahadur. The story goes further more, seventy-two years later and after the invention of Sitabhog, it was Lord Curzon was. A die-hard fan of his sweets (Sitabhog and Mihidana). Colonial history added glamour to these sweets and made them prominent all over India.


Famous Shop:

To get the best Sitabhog-Mihidana experience you need to travel to Burdwan’s Ganesh Sweets. The sweet shop is situated in a narrow lane, which is close to framed Curzon’s gate. This shop is famous for the Sitabhog-Mihidana combination.

If you’re good at challenging your taste buds then we suggest you visit Bhagaban Sweets after the pandemic gets over. This shop is specialized in Sitabhog-Mihidana which is fried in ghee!