Why ‘Quitters’ are ‘WINNERS’ in this case: ‘World No Tobacco Day’

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If that horrendous picture on the cigarette case doesn’t scare you then this post might. So STOP!

Today is World No Tobacco Day and you need to stop smoking to look ‘uber’ cool. No, it is not. Period! So if you’re reading this message while taking a puff, then stop smoking and read along.

Every year the World Health Organization (WHO) sets a theme and campaign for the world. However, in 2021 the theme and campaign for this year’s ‘World No Tobacco Day’ is: Commit to Quit.


According to WHO, over 70 let cent of the 1.3 billion tobacco consumers worldwide quite successful. Things go haywire when you take a puff even for once, in this case, you’re not only harming your health but you’re killing the one standing right next to you. It is to be seen that millennials find it ‘cool’, ‘uber cool’, or even they try to find how good it feels after one puff, then we suggest stop being an idiot and focus on your life.

”Over 70 percent of the 1.3 billion tobacco users worldwide lack access to the tools they need to quit successfully. This gap in access to cessation services is only further exacerbated in the last year as the health workforce has been mobilized to handle the coronavirus pandemic.” Even the passive smoker is said to be in grave danger. More than the ratio of smokers in the world, it is expected and analyzed that 3 times more passive smoking is done.


We bring you few facts and showcase the fact that ‘Why Quitter are winners’..!

1. Cardiovascular Diseases are common in this case.

2. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD)

3. Any form of Cancer like Lung cancer. The covid scenario has made it much more worst.

4. Weakened Immune system which is a lot more worst

5. Infertility and erectile dysfunction and not many of us believe it too but unfortunately, it is true.

6. Anxiety and Irritability increase at a great level.

7. Poor vision even when you take medication and proper treatment.

8. Persistent coughing leading to Tuberculosis which is a no-no in this case.