Why your PMSing days are not back?

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Repeat after me ‘Red is Beautiful! Bleeding is not a taboo’.

Having irregular periods is a common thing! We hear about them all the time. Well, getting an irregular period can range from something insignificant to something that requires treatment. For example, if you’re in your teen, your body’s hormones can fluctuate and take some time until they find the right balance. Therefore, it’s normal to have an irregular period during adolescence or something for your period not to arrive in a month. If you’re not PMSing every month, then check to make sure that is your health condition is okay? Or is it something else!


Let’s look at the most common causes of irregular periods:

  • Eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia.
  • Excessive weight gain or weight loss; extreme thinness and obesity can cause your menstrual cycle to stop. Even the worst can happen or even disappear for a month or two.
  • Stress or emotional problems or stress can cause an irregular problem.
  • Hormonal problems, for example, when the thyroid malfunctions.
  • Travel stress can make your periods disappear.
  • Over-exercising: If you’re an athlete and training very hard, you may ‘stop’ menstruating because the body wants to save energy and periods really requires a lot of energy.


Masturbation is healthy for you, and we are listing 3 such benefits. You can thank us later!

1. It prevents Cancer: Yes, you heard that right. It decreases the possibility of prostate cancer. An Australian study point states that men who ejaculate 5 times a week decrease the possibility.

2. Better for your immunity: Not only self-stimulation helps you to relax your body, but it also helps to boost your immune system. Cortisol is the hormone that prevents you to de-stress.

3. Masturbation can alleviate pains: if you’re suffering from menstruation cramps or a bad headache, masturbating helps you to deal with it. Uterine contraction occurs and it soothes the crucial cramps. It’s better than popping a pill or even using hot water bags.


Speaking with Dr. Puja Maitra, she said, “Menstrual hygiene is one of the most ignored parts of public health in this country and also subcontinent. Too much hush-hush atmosphere prevails surrounding a normal physiological phenomenon and it’s being leveled as the unholy thing is most unfortunate. Time has changed, so we all should open up and speak amongst ourselves and as well speak with our daughters how to use sanitary napkins, how to dispose of, how to understand the symptoms regarding irregular, scanty, heavy, painful, or abnormal menstruation and definitely not to use clothes.”

Tips: If you want to be ahead of the game, you need to go for a gynecologist. Because your health comes first!